This website is your portal to all Digital and Publication requests within Chosen People Ministries.

STOP! Please read each of the following guidelines before submitting your desired form. The guidelines are meant to help your request get through our process as quickly and smoothly as possible. All requests are subject to approval.


GUIDELINES FOR ALL FORMS: Your request must have approval from your supervisor/department head.
  • Please follow the instructions provided for every form you desire to use
  • Please have all copy (text) edited before submitting.
  • If you need more than one type of request for a single event, please use “Request All Form.”



You must have the form submitted 30 days before your first requested e-blast. Otherwise, your submission form will be denied or pushed back to 30 days after you request it.

  • Approval Requirements
    • The event has to be a CPM sponsored event
      • Short-Term Mission Trips
      • Camps
      • Major Guest speaker
      • Concert – hosted by CPM
      • Conference – organized by CPM
    • Copy
      • If requesting multiple e-blasts for one event:
        • You must provide a unique subject line for each e-blast you are creating.
        • You must have a different copy (text) for the body of each email.

***If your event does not qualify (i.e.Congregational Events (such as Bible studies), see SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES.


  • List requests are fulfilled only on Wednesdays, so please plan your time accordingly (for e-blasts, please submit your request 30 days before your in-home date).
  • Make sure you fill in as much information as possible to help expedite the list pulling process.
  • Please have your list sent to the digital team.


  • You must have the form submitted six weeks before the time you need it. Our outsourced freelance designers need that much time to get a design done. If you do not follow that guideline, your request will push out according to the allotted time.



***If your event does not qualify for an e-blast, your alternative is to have it posted on our Social Media communities.

  • This form must be completed at least two weeks before the requested posting date.
  • If you need multiple posts, please list each post in a word document and submit the word document in the form.
  • When Submitting an image, please make sure it is not copyrighted, or you are licensed to use it. It is CPM-approved, and if the photo is a person, please ensure that they have signed a release form.


  • This form must be completed at least two weeks before the requested posting date.