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  • Purpose of Evaluation

    • To provide an evaluation of the staff member’s performance and potential
    • To pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and to outline and agree upon a practical improvement program
    • To maintain communication between employee and supervisor


    Listed below are a number of traits, abilities and characteristics that are important for success in our ministry. Rating is on a 1–15 scale with ‘1’ being the weakest and ‘15’ being the strongest. Below every three numbers is a brief description to help you in the evaluation. Circle just one number on the 1-15 scale under each major category.

    Carefully evaluate each of the qualities separately. There are two common mistakes in rating: first, a tendency to rate nearly everyone as “average” on every trait instead of being more critical in judgment. The rater should use the ends of the scale as well as the middle. Second, the “Halo Effect,” i.e., a tendency to rate the same individual “excellent” on every trait or “poor” on every trait based on the overall picture one has of the person being rated. Each person has strong points and weak points and these should be indicated on the rating scale.